The Christmas Eve Magic, in Dolj. Old, but current traditions

„Look, the carolers are here
White flowers
Joining the singers every night
White flowers
And they always, always come
White flowers
And they bring God"

A kind of mysticism, mystery and unspoken traditions are hidden in the magic of the Christmas Eve. Today, the whole world is transformed into a quieter, more special place and almost a fantastic one for the little ones and not only.

Oltenia and Dolj are well-known sources for certain Christmas traditions. We have inherited unique things, and today, just a few hours away from that illuminated evening, let us tell you about some of them. You can find out about the rest of them in a special exhibit, at the Oltenia Museum, until February.

You are said to be stirring up the fire when, on Christmas Eve, in most Oltenian villages, you gather with your family around the fire and you "hit" it with a twig. Then you say: "Good morning of Christmas Eve / ‘Cause the Christmas one is better / In a good hour / Woolly sheep / Milky cows / Fierce horses / Healthy people / Let the good be done, the corn, the wheat ". From the oldest times, it is said that this is how the household is protected from diseases and a better and fruitful year is summoned

The caroling, a tradition that is dear to all of the Romanians, is not ignored in Dolj either. On the contrary, it seems that the carolers are more wiiling to sing throughout the villages and, why not, in the cities, where the spirit of tradition still lives. In the evening, they go from door to door, to herald the birth of the Lord, through song and stories in lyrics, transmitted from father to son. Dressed in new clothes, arranged with flowers and bells, they first go to the windows of the houses, then they are welcomed inside, and they wish the people wealth and joy. Cakes, fruits, nuts, pies or a warm beverage are the reward of carolers.

Children and young people still go with the Star, like the Wisemen who were looking for Jesus and, like them, they announce His birth on Earth.

Vicleiul is something that happens in Argetoaia, in the village called Salcia, known for its various traditions, including the fires of Big Thursday, before Easter. On the Christmas Eve, however, the „Viclei”, a colorful and adorned box is carried through the village by two lads. Inside it, there are dolls representing different customs or scenes. The show is accompanied by music, more specifically by musicians who play seven songs.

And on Christmas morning, because not only the worldly ones matter, those who went to another world are honored, by means of chosen food and prayer.

Beyond customs and traditions, there is one feature that governs these days: goodness. And how can we celebrate it better than in her womb, here, at home, with our loved ones?

Have a Merry Christmas and magical days!


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