#StayCool. What are we cooling off with this summer

Great heat, mon chers, as the one and only Caragiale would say if he lived in the present times. And he would be right, because here in Dolj, we have the plain blessed and caressed by the sun, but also temperatures that make the air unbreathable.

Inventive as we are, for so many years we have been managing, and now we even have at hand tasty and fresh means to cool down. We took the city on foot and we found, for you, some options that cool us, but also put a smile on our face, to get over another hot summer day.

The gelato from Ponton

If you want to try an Italian ice cream as it is made originally, well, Ponton Craiova is the place where you can find it. The different flavors and unique texture make this gelato an ideal solution for the heatwave. Okay, you can eat it anytime, who are we to decide that?!
Ponton Craiova - facebook

The Csiki Sör Vitaminsör beer from Biergarten

A mix of beer and raspberry juice will guarantee that you’ll cool off on a hot day. And, if you keep coming to the Biergarten, you can try dozens of other types of beer, because this is their home, as the name suggests.
Biergarten Craiova - facebook

The Iced Matcha Latte from Bastet Cafe

The Iced Matcha Latte from Bastet Cafe comes bundled with the unique setting in which the cafe has its "home": a huge, airy yard, populated by cats who can't wait for a master to offer them their own home: Ganesh, Tigruț, Crimena, Șocata and the whole team. We also see a visit to Bastet as a unique therapy. Basically, if you come there angry, you will leave, for sure, very happy and relaxed.
Bastet Café - facebook

The Iced Tea from Smart Cup

Who doesn't love a coooold tea in this ruthless weather? We certainly do not refuse it, and we recommend that you do the same. So, welcome to the first science cafe in Romania and enjoy a cold tea, while browsing one book or another or competing in solving the challenges to which the Smart Cup team invites you!
Smart Cup - facebook

And, let's not forget the… Watermelon from the Dolj markets!

Now, that this local miracle came out of the plantations, directly in the county markets, it would be a shame not to take advantage! Few things are as cool as a slice of watermelon, cold and delicious. Due to its high water content, it gives us both hydration and taste, helping us to fight the craving for sweets. Good thing we have it on hand!

Photos: facebook.com/curteavechebiergarten, /smartcupwisercoffee, /bastetcaffe, /pontoncraiova, insider.com

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