Brăiloiu-Lecca House

Brăiloiu-Lecca House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Brăiloiu-Lecca, Strada Constantin Lecca 29, Craiova 200217, România


The Brăiloiu-Lecca House is an architectural monument of local interest in Craiova, located on Constantin Lecca Street, at no. 29, across the Otetelișanu House. The house was built by the painter Constantin Lecca, who established here the first printing house in Craiova and printed the first magazine in Oltenia, "The Mosaic".

Brăiloiu-Lecca House has a height regime on two levels (basement and ground floor). On the outside of the house are the window frames with decorative plasters (most probably added when the owners were the Brăiloiu family - given the letter B in a laurel crown on both sides of each window). Unfortunately, over time the original appearance of the building has been affected. The house is likely to be divided today between two owners, which is visible given the different exterior finishes (no wall-painting work has been done on half the facade, and the old carpentry was changed to PVC frames with double-glazed windows, which conflicts with the rules enforced for buildings on the Historical Monuments List, while the wooden window framing was preserved on the other half of the façade and more recent wall-painting was carried out).

The entire facade facing the street that is bearing the name of painter Constantin Lecca is in an advanced stage of decay. On the facade a plaque was placed that reminds of the importance of this historical monument:
"Constantin Lecca House
This house, modified today, was built by the painter Constantin Lecca, a participant in the Revolution of 1848, on the land he had bought in 1841 from the cupbearer Grigorie Otetelișanu. Later, in 1857, Lecca sold the house.
Here was also the first printing house in Craiova, founded by Constantin Lecca, where books and ”The Mosaic” - the first magazine in Oltenia (1838-1839) – were printed.
Museum of Oltenia
Craiova 1966 "


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