Barbu Drugă House

Barbu Drugă House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Barbu Drugă, Strada Bujorului 12, Craiova 200385, România


Barbu Drugă was one of the greatest boyars of his time, but also the owner of houses, mills and lands. The businessman also owned an impressive collection of art, most of which were copies of the originals.

The Villa located on Bujorului Street, no. 12, in Craiova, also called the "House of Peony" (”Casa Bujorului”), originally belonged to the boyar Barbu Drugă, and in the Communist era was the house of Nicolae Ceaușescu. The house was built by the renowned architect Giovanni Battista. Staicu bought the succession rights of the heirs of Barbu Drugă.

Although the house has been completely restored, preserving the interwar style in some places, over the stained-glass windows of the Drugă boyar lay the PVC frames.

The house is included in the list of historical monuments of Dolj county.

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