Jianu Fountain

Architectural attraction


Fântâna Jianu, Craiova, România


The Jianu Fountain is a public monument in Craiova, located in the Botanical Garden, on Iancu Jianu Street, at no. 5. The fountain was built around 1800 by the boyar Hagi Stan Jianu and restored in 1930.

The Jianu Fountain was built by the boyar Hagi Stan Jianu around 1800 in a slum at what was then the edge of Craiova, where the wagons used to stop at the entrance to the city in order to feed their animals. It rapidly became one of the main sources of water supply to the slum and not only, as water carriers were selling water from here across the whole city. The name of the fountain comes from the name of the boyar who built it, but tradition associates it with the name of the famous outlaw Iancu Jianu, who is said to have once visited a nearby inn.

In the middle of the 19th century, near the fountain, on the site of the current Botanical Garden in Craiova, was the family home of Alexandru Macedonski, where the future poet grew up. It is said that he was inspired by the idyllic scenery of the park in the area, which he later described in several poems.

Source: www.monumenteoltenia.ro

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