#TheCityIsYours. Street Delivery gives the go-ahead to the people of Craiova at the beginning of September

The urban manifesto Street Delivery Craiova reaches a new edition, between September 3 and 5, and challenges the people of Craiova to remember games and playing, by giving them a challenging leap.

Shortly, the Street Delivery team wants to transform the city, with the help of the people of Craiova and beyond, into a great playground. The event is also marked by the pandemic year - already the pandemic years - and gives us a theme for thinking through which to redraw the city together.

We couldn't have said it better than them, so we let their words flow. "Street Delivery puts on its shorts, takes the ball under its arm and redraws Craiova as we would like it to be, with everything it needs close to home. Accessibility, safety, playgrounds and meeting places. My street, not no one's street. Our city, not nobody's. Through the game, we are looking for the answer to the big problems of the city exacerbated by the pandemic and to its great shortcomings”, the organizers transmit.

They will soon launch the call for projects, which means that everyone who has an idea for an event, workshop or anything that can be integrated into this concept is free to register. Details can be found on the Facebook page Street Delivery Craiova.

Facebook - Street Delivery Craiova

We also found out about some of the activities that will take place at SD 2021, and we can only give you some clues: Watercolor at the mansion - creative heritage education workshops for children from disadvantaged backgrounds; Neighborhood Hearts - creative workshops for imagining public spaces in the neighborhood meant to activate the feeling of belonging to the neighborhood and responsibility through involvement; How was your childhood? - photo exhibitions through which we look for the story and the emotional role of the neighborhood, the memories transmitted by the parents to the children and we explore their role in welding the local community; UrbanEye Film Series - outdoor film screenings with stories about cities, buildings or communities that offer different perspectives on living together; Genius Loci Craiova - photographic collage made by Anastasia Savinova through which the artist captures the identity, the soul of our city.

Those of you who have participated in the other three editions are well aware that Street Delivery has this gift of giving the city back to the people and turning some numbers into a real community. Environmental, social or those initiatives that change the face of the city are just some of the ones that the people of Craiova have been able to witness.

Caring for our city does not have to be passive, but active, to help us understand what society we live in and what we can really do to change the things we don't like.

Come and play, at the beginning of September, with a team that, over the years, has turned into a big family in the city. Street Delivery invites us to become children again, and it's good!


Photos: Street Delivery Craiova, discoverdolj.ro

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