#Retrospection2020. We don't know what will be, but we know what we liked

The end of an unusual year finds us thinking about things differently. Certainly, we also have pleasant memories of this 2020, and we have made a proper balance for the year that is coming to an end.

Since 2020, we have learned that the future may be uncertain, so we will not tell you what the year will be like - we do not know either. But we know what we liked and we know the events and places that made Dolj vibrate this at least strange year. 

Puppets Occupy Street

The story that has been conquering the city for several years has not been let down in 2020, even if we had a pandemic. Craiova is certainly the capital of beautiful stories, told by actors with grace and skill, and Puppets Occupy Street is the messenger that makes us become children again and again. 

Street Delivery

Street Delivery, the urban manifesto that has been going on for three years in Craiova, has taken over the whole city, the event taking place in a puzzle system, with several mini-events concentrated in various parts of the city. We consider that, regardless of the form it would take, Street Delivery remains a “festival” of reference for Craiova, managing to bring together people from all fields who want to make our city more friendly and better. 

Port Cetate

A unique place could not be excluded from this retrospective. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, closer to the simple and bohemian life, the mansion complex at Port Cetate, located on the banks of the Danube and privileged by fertile soils, distinguished guests and selected dishes, is definitely a place to go if you have not done it yet. 

Shakespeare Festival Online

Every two years, we know clearly that something is happening in Craiova. This time, the Shakespeare Festival moved from theatres to smaller or larger screens and, even in these conditions, managed to conquer. Proof that we have remained, beyond difficulties and challenges, inventive and eager to complete things that are not allowed to end. 

We all want a normal 2021, but whatever happens, we know that we have events and places that will get us out of our poor state of mind. From us all, a better 2021! Happy New Year! 

Photo: freeimageslive.co.uk, discoverdolj.ro 

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