Vrăbiescu House

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Casa Vrăbiescu, Calea Unirii 100, Craiova 200330, România


Casa Vrăbiescu is a historical architectural monument from the middle of the 19th century, located near Craiova`s downtown.
The house is located on Calea Unirii, no. 100, and is right next to another local architectural monument, Casa Caleteanu.
The house belonged to the Vrăbiescu family, its most representative owner being Iulian Vrăbiescu, jurist and politician, prefect of Dolj, deputy and chairman of the Senate in 1931.
House Vrăbiescu has three levels (basement, ground floor and floor). On the northern side it is bordered by Casa Caleteanu, the eastern façade is on Calea Unirii, and the western one on Str. Gheorghe Doja.
The main entrance is through a covered gang, closed with tin gates, leading to the interior yard. Above the entrance is a closed balcony with windows fixed in metal structure. From an ornamental point of view, the eastern façade of the building is distinguished by a rich ornamentation and delicate, artistic details such as those above the upstairs windows and the cornice.
The windows carpentry is made of wood, while the ornament above the entrance gate, the balcony structure and the balcony-style fences from the upstair windows are made of metal.
The exterior façades (eastern and southern) are extremely degraded (fallen plaster, pierced by bars of iron concrete reinforcement, broken windows).

Source: www.monumenteoltenia.ro

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