The Alchemy of Happiness //Inland Keys//Nelu @ The 20's

Data și ora:

traian demetrescu 14, Craiova, Romania


Humans, aliens, and all lovely creatures of the urban forest, when nights get longer it’s time to listen to the inner calling and join the crescent moon in celebration! Carried by the transcending rhythms of a special musical journey, we will explore the vast unknown through sounds and feelings that carry our legs deeper into the night.

In charge of connecting our minds on this whimsical exploration of resonances are three artists who know how to make the magic happen. Inland Keys and Nelu will join The Alchemy of Happiness and become our aural guides as we float through time and space.

Autumn nights are getting longer, granting us permission to venture into this musical journey early. So, on October 2nd, starting at 20:00, dive with us in hypnotic sounds that promise to take you on a guided tour through cosmos itself.

To help us make things happen, a 15 lei contribution to the artists is necessary.
For the early pirates and mermaids joining us between 20:00 and 21:00, a shot of rum will await at the bar to warm you up!