#Craiova Lives Intensely. IntenCity returns, with Enrique Iglesias as headliner; the festival, in two locations

The IntenCity festival in Craiova, which made the city vibrate last year, returns in 2023, with three days of fun for all musical tastes.

So, from Friday, June 30, until Sunday, July 2, late into the night, IntenCity will liven up the city and challenge the participants to a festival that combines the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow, already announcing, as a headliner, the famous Spanish artist Enrique Iglesias. Along with him, Alex Ferrari, Haddaway, Mahmut Orhan, Snap! and Subcarpați, and the list of artists does not end here. The organizers are going to announce other names expected in Romania, in the next period.

Compared to last year, IntenCity will not only take place at the "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium, but also inside the Polyvalent Hall, where you will find Sigma DJ Set, Killa Fonic, Yaya, Deliric x Silent Strike x Muse Quartet, Nane, Argatu', Bad&Boujee, Basska, Bvcovia, Mr Flexxx, DJ Sauce, Marko Glass, NotSoCommon DJ, Dodo, Malagamba, Mindcage and many more.

The area between the "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium and the Polyvallent Hall will become a place to relax, where participants will be able to enjoy drinks, eat something delicious and socialize at will, being invited to participate in all kinds of events and adjacent activities.

Those who want a VIP experience should know that they will experience music on another level! That area will be on a platform built at the level of the VIP Tribune of the "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium and will offer spectators a comfortable space that includes chairs, armchairs, tables and dedicated bars, to make attending the festival a unique experience. 

The subscriptions for the IntenCity Festival have already been put on sale and can be purchased online at https://iticket.ro/event/intencity and from the agency of the Craiova Romanian Opera at Sala Polivalentă. Careful! Prices are specially priced until April 14th, so make your plans early and buy the ticket that suits you! 

Here's how the festival looked last year, in 2022! 

Come to IntenCity too! The city is vibrating!

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