#DoljLoves. What we do and where we go on Dragobete Week

Dragobete, the celebration of Romanian love, is one of the most important celebrations of our tradition. With deep roots in the past, Dragobetele is taken from the ancient Dacians and then transformed into a protector of young people and patron of love. According to popular legend, Dragobetele was the son of Grandma Dochi, a handsome young man who seduced the women who appeared in his way. However, he has long been the ultimate symbol of today's love.

And, as we know that proof of love is always welcome, it would not hurt to show it to the person you love especially in the Dragobete day. We looked at the calendar of events and found some activities suitable for you two, in the magical week of Romanian love. 

A play about love at the "Colibri" Theater

"In a time of global turmoil, anxiety, terrorism, unstable weather and uncertain political times, a young couple wants a child. LUNGS is a love story, slightly unbalanced, sharply honest, funny, tense and current. It is talking about a generation for which insecurity is a way of life ", the organizers transmit.

The show "Lungs" is presented, on February 24, by the ACT Theater in Bucharest during the Colibri Season. ACT 6. Tickets cost 30 lei/ person and you can get them from the Colibri Theater Agency, from Monday to Saturday, between 10:00-13:00 and 16:00-19:00, and on Sunday, between 10:00-13:00. 

A symphonic concert at the "Oltenia" Philharmonic

On Friday, February 25, from 19:00, the “Oltenia” Philharmonic organizes a symphonic concert of the symphony orchestra of the institution, under the baton of conductor Valentin Doni, with Oana Csiki on piano. The program includes "In the light of evocation - George Enescu" (first audition), by Ulpiu Vlad, Concert no. 2 in A major for piano and orchestra, S. 125, by Franz Liszt, but also Symphony no. 8 in G major, op. 88, by Antonin Dvorak. A normal ticket costs 80 lei, 40 lei for groups and 20 lei for pupils, students and pensioners.

Cerasela Iosifescu's obsessions, at the National Theater

"Lora is suffering. Lora is waiting. Live every feeling to the fullest. She fights depression and does not let herself be defeated. She talks about her illness like about a lover, who holds her in his arms too tightly, who suffocates her with too much passion. She is sensual, intelligent, spiritual. She goes out hanging out, shopping, in the park. She often goes to the clinic. And writes. She writes with passion. She writes with the infusion in her hand and seeks tenderness, but she chooses, in a destructive and risky way, human closeness in its most bizarre forms ”(tncms.ro). An incredibly powerful play, an unmissable one woman show by the actress Cerasela Iosifescu, directed by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, is waiting for you on February 25 at the “Marin Sorescu” National Theater in Craiova, starting at 19:00, in the “I.D. Sîrbu” Hall.

Folklore concert at the "Amza Pellea" House of Culture in Băilești

If you have a trip to the county (and even if you don't, you should), you should find out about a folklore show that will take place in the foyer of the House of Culture "Amza Pellea" in Băilești, right on the Dragobete day, starting at 12.00. The event is organized in partnership with the County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Dolj, by the City Hall of Băilești and the House of Culture "Amza Pellea" Băilești.

A romantic dinner in the heart of Craiova

If you prefer an evening with conversation, selected dishes and a good wine, you can choose between the restaurants in the Old Town of Craiova. Consult the list of places on discoverdolj.ro and don't forget to make reservations in advance, so that you can fully enjoy this special day!
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