#Donate. Dolj County Council supports blood donation on World Donor Day

Every year, on June 14th, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated around the world, and Dolj is no exception to joining this major event. Because good things only happen when we are together.

Thus, the Dolj County Council becomes the partner of the National Institute of Blood Transfusion and urges the citizens to go and donate blood and save lives. Of course, this is not necessary only on June 14th, but also on any other day, as blood donation is essential for patients with certain serious illnesses or for victims of accidents.

Dolj County Council thus continues to support the Dolj medical system, after countless investments of tens of millions of euros in health at county level: Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventional Cardiology, Emergency Reception Unit of the Emergency County Clinical Hospital, Oncology Clinic and many other projects designed for Dolj.

You can read about the admissibility conditions, so important for donation, on the official website of the Craiova Regional Blood Transfusion Center.
Condiții de admisibilitate la donarea de sânge

Here are just a few of the benefits of donating blood:

- After donation, your blood is refreshed, the body's immunity increases; the risk of having a stroke, myocardial infarction, cancer, is reduced by up to 30%;

- You have to perform laboratory tests on the collected blood: hemoglobin, blood sugar, OAB / Rh D blood group, hepatitis B, C, HIV, HTLV, ALT, lues, etc. and issuing analysis bulletins upon request;

- You monitor your health;

- Increases your resistance to hemorrhagic shock in case of blood loss suffered in road accidents;

- You lose 650 calories in each blood donation;

- You will be issued a certificate for 1 day off from work or an exemption day for pupils, students and military on the day of donation;

- You receive 7 meal vouchers. 

Where you can donate:

Craiova Blood Transfusion Center
Address: Tabaci 1
Tel/ Fax: 0251. 418.171
Email: crtscraiova@yahoo.com

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