#EndTheYearWithJoy. What 2022 taught us in Dolj

The year is about to pass and we find ourselves, once again, around the Christmas tree, nostalgic and grateful, at the time of assessment. So we review, also in 2022, what we learned and from whom, starting with institutions and associations and ending with people, festivals and events. 

We learned to have fun

Certainly, the IntenCity Festival was a more than interesting premiere in Craiova and we can only say "hats off" for 3 days in which Craiova looked different. An entire city, lively and vibrant, managed to break the monotony of an entire area through music, friendship and fun. We don't know about you, but we can't wait for next year's edition! 

We have learned to appreciate our past

The inauguration of the "Constantin Brâncusi" Center was, without exaggeration, the gala event of 2022, when it was demonstrated that the entire spirit of Dolj managed to join hands for a great goal. That of presenting the life and work of the great sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, inhabitant of Craiova for a few years and a true oltenian, to the general public, freely and unfettered. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this dream come true! 

We have learned to promote our history

The high-waisted shirt, that is ia, was introduced, on the Romania National Day, into the UNESCO heritage, and the team from the Oltenia Museum in Craiova, through Dr. Roxana Deca, the person who researched this piece of clothing, made an important contribution to this final goal, conceptualizing and systematizing colossal data and information about this tradition and this unique object in the world. Romania can be proud again thanks to our people of Dolj, who work with passion and fervor to preserve and promote history and traditions. 

We learned (again) to love culture

Cultural events took us out of the house again this year! We remind you of the Shakespeare Festival, Puppets Occupy Street, Craiova Jazz Festival, without forgetting the other smaller events that made from Dolj, this year, the perfect destination for those who believe that our county is #MoreThanYouImagine. And those who came found out exactly that! 

We learned to rebuild and respect

The towers of Dolj, the semi-fortified constructions so important for the county, were rehabilitated through the efforts of the Dolj County Council and are to become museums. Once buildings that had lost their charm and shine, now they are more alive than ever, waiting for their inauguration and visitors. 

We learned to know and share

We, in turn, became passionate about culture, architecture and history and learned to walk differently on the streets and in the villages of Dolj. Thanks to Dragoș Andreescu (Monumentalist) and other jewel-people like him, we can say that step by step history is within our reach, more than ever! 

We learned to think and act

Dolj has, since this year, a tourism strategy and, therefore, a clear line of development in this field. It's hundreds of pages of documentation and planning work, so that every important element of Dolj finds its due importance. To succeed, we must plan, and to plan, we must seek, work, desire. And the work of those who give back to the community is sometimes the most important. 

For all this and all that will follow, we are grateful. 

Have a peaceful Christmas! 

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