#HolidayPlans. In which resorts can we go, in the summer, from Craiova International Airport

Spring has arrived, at least on the calendar, and summer is getting closer. We are starting to make holiday plans, probably in what is the first relatively normal holiday in the last two years. We thought of telling you which summer destinations you can fly from Craiova to, so that you can fully enjoy the climate and an extremely interesting tourist experience.

Greece - Crete, Chania

Greece is fascinating in its unique way of being, and the city of Chania in Crete is no exception. With its beautiful cathedrals, picturesque old landscapes, many restaurants and many places to shop, Chania is one of the dream places where you can spend a great vacation, flying directly from Craiova International Airport.

Turkey - Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful town in Turkey, which hosts millions of visitors every year. The city is famous for its charming nature and glamorous atmosphere. Moreover, Antalya has many beautiful destinations that make this city one of the most visited destinations in the world.

Egypt - Hurghada

Hurghada is the oldest and most famous resort in Egypt. The colorful and bizarre Red Sea, with its life full of coral and fish, brought Hurghada to the attention of the whole world, and the world "on earth", once a small fishing settlement, turned into a fantastic tourism city.

Tunisia - Monastir

If you want more than just sunbathing, well, Monastir is home to two important monuments that are worth a little walk. Ribat, located right on the coast, is one of the most impressive relics of the Islamic era in Tunisia. Moreover, right next to Ribat is the opulent Mausoleum Habib Bourgiba, named after the founder of the modern Tunisian Republic, which magnificently mixes traditional and modern Tunisian architecture.

In total, eight holiday destinations are available at Craiova International Airport:

         - Egypt:
• Hurghada, March 24 - October 27
• Sharm El Sheikh, March 24 - June 2
         - Turkey:
• Antalya, between June 2 and September 30
         - Greece:
• Crete Heraklion, on April 21 and 26
• Crete Chania, between June 7 and September 20
• Zakynthos, June 10 - September 16
• Rhodes, June 14 - September 20
• Skiathos, June 11 - September 24
         - Tunisia:
• Monastir, between June 1 and October 5.

The packages of tourist services have already been put up for sale, and those interested can get more details from any travel agency. So, gather your loved ones and start making a plan. It would be a shame to have everything so close, in flight, and not take advantage of it!

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