#MissingPăunescu. Dolj honors the great poet through the festival, now in its eighth edition

Adrian Păunescu, the poet who influenced and changed the lives of entire generations, is honored in Craiova for the eighth year, during the "Adrian Păunescu" International Festival, which will take place between December 1 and 3. 

Although born in Basarabia, Adrian Păunescu spent most of his childhood in the commune of Bârca in Dolj, where there is also a memorial house named after him. In Craiova, he graduated from the "Carol I" National College and always remained connected to this part of the country, especially through his close connection with the Craiova University football team, with whom he sang, cried, laughed and loved. 

"For all those who still believe that music and poetry do not echo in vain, this new meeting brings, in addition to exceptional events on the poster of each evening, the two contests that have already made us present in people's lives, years and years in a row: The International Poetry Competition and the Folk Music Competition, both awarded in money, diplomas and books/CDs", say the organizers from Fundația Culturală Iubirea. 

The festival debuts on December 1, in Piața Frații Buzești, where Ducu Bertzi, Mircea Vintilă, Andrei Păunescu and the band TOTUȘI (Rareș Suciu and Ionel Tănase), Mădălina Amon, Magda Puskas, Cristian Buică, Valentin Moldovan, Emeric Imre, Cătălin Stepa, George Nicolescu, Dinu Olărașu, Vanghele Gogu, Walter Ghicolescu, Generation Folk and Mircea Baniciu will take the stage. 

On December 2, from 11:00 a.m., a new edition of the Folk Music Competition will be held, and from 7:00 p.m., at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater, there will be an extraordinary performance by Horațiu Mălăele, with special guest Nicu Alifantis 

On the last day of the festival, in the evening, after a visit to the poet's parents' house in Bârca commune, lovers of truth and beauty are invited to the Oltenia Philharmonic for an evening with the actor Dorel Vișan and the folkist Marius Bațu. At the end of the evening, the prizes for the Folk Music Contest, but also for the International Poetry Contest, will be awarded. 

Photo: bzi.ro 

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