A different Christmas, but a happy one. Let it be! A letter to all of you from Discover Dolj

We are facing a great challenge, which most of us have not encountered before. We will have to spend Christmas away from our loved ones, away from friends and those with whose presence we have become accustomed so far.

Evenings in the city are no longer an option for many of us, and everything seems hopeless and sad, now that everything should have been full of joy and tranquillity.

This is not a motivational speech, but rather one whose purpose is to make us appreciate what we already have, whatever that may be. We are certainly luckier than our fellow human beings in other parts of the world.

So take your loved ones by your side and tell them how much you love them, and not just on the magical Christmas night, but every day. Sit next to those who need you, support those who have less - again - day by day. Be Christmas to others, every day and every time they need it.

If we manage to carry this circle of goodness to infinity, we will surely manage to feel these holidays as we did in previous years.

However, the physical distance between us and those close to us does not mean social distance.

Call your loved ones.

Write a letter to those who have gone far.

Be Christmas to others who may never have had a Christmas.

And don't forget to do each of these things every day, if you can.

Christmas is not about the material, about the financial, but about emotion, feelings and love. It doesn't matter how many gifts we buy, as long as we have nothing to offer in our souls. Therefore, let us all try to have a Christmas in its true meaning.

Although we have masks this Christmas, the real joy will be read in our eyes and not in the coverings that completely erase our smile. But this is something that many of us know: the smile is in the twinkling of an eye and in the way our soul opens to make room for real joy and peace.

With our Oltenian immortal hospitality, with our humor and with the love of beauty, we will make this Christmas a special one, only if we want to. And we will do it every day.

A Christmas full of light and beautiful days to you all!


Photo: wikimedia.org 

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