Coffice Craiova – The anti-cafe that moves your office from home

A new place opened its doors in Craiova, Coffice, and it's good that this happened right with the arrival of spring. On March 1st, the curious and accustomed to the concept of anti-cafes were invited in a welcoming atmosphere, in a house rethought as a space to come, work, read a book or have meetings.

What exactly does the anti-cafe mean? It's the place where customers don't pay for what they consume, but for the time spent here. Thus, you can "rent" your own office, meeting room, reading space and have access to books, wi-fi, printer and a more than welcoming space. 

Located at the intersection of General Dragalina and Vânători Streets, Coffice Craiova is the ideal place for freelancers, for those who work from home and are tired of the office in the privacy of their own home, for friends who want to talk quietly, read a book or play a boardgame.

The yard is also an ideal place to work, especially on sunny days or, why not, to browse a book. It's true, and the tranquillity of the area helps a lot in terms of increasing work or reading or just having various thoughts. 😊 

The interior offers four rooms. We have a self-service room, where you make your coffee, tea, serve yourself with muffins or snacks, where you can enjoy your meal if you decide to order food, but also where it would be nice to clean up after you, thanks to the garbage cans for selective collection and those tools called sponge, detergent and dishwasher, to wash your used dishes.

The second room comes as a workspace, equipped with sockets, pens, post-its and other office utensils, the third has everything you need to read a book or play board games, and the fourth room is the meeting room for various events.

The concept comes to "save" those who do not find a suitable place to hold their meetings or to work or, why not, to enjoy the peace of quiet days away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, Coffice is not about consumption, but about time, participation and socialization.

The space is open from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 20:00, and the entrance fee starts from 10 lei for an hour spent at Coffice and 50 lei for the whole day. Bonus, if you order food, you get 30 minutes on the house to eat in peace.

We also went to Coffice and we can tell you that it is a quiet, welcoming place that Craiova needed. We wish success to the team and, if we made you curious, give them a like on Facebook to be up to date on what is happening there.
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