Craiova, a story with and about flowers

Craiova, a story with and about flowers

Whether we give them as a gift, receive them, beautify our home or garden with them or choose them to complement an important event in our lives, flowers say, most of the time, more words than we ever could.

The city of Craiova abounds with flowers in most of the green spaces, and the floristry is not bad either. We thought of telling you where you can buy flowers or where you can admire them, and we guarantee that, in their company, you will relax and feel the fragrance of life in a different way. 😊 

Iris Flower Shop

Special perfumes, sensational colors and perfect services, you can find them all at Floraria Iris. Located right in the city center, it has prepared for you bouquets of special flowers, flower arrangements or flower baskets for any occasion. At the same time, at Floraria Iris you can also find flowers in pots, so you can grow these wonderful plants yourself in your own homes.
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Sofia Flower Shop

Sofia Flower Shop has chosen as its mission the satisfaction and delight of all those who love flowers or give them as gifts. In the elegant and attractive space of the flower shop, you will feel overwhelmed by the beauty and the uniqueness of the arrangements, their freshness, as well as the professional staff; these are just some of the reasons why you should visit Sofia Flower Shop.
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Gifts - Sweets - Flowers

If you want a combination of gifts, sweets and flowers, well, this is the right place where you can choose what you want, while enjoying a drink that will bring you even more relaxation. Gifts – Sweets – Flowers not only deals with floral arrangements, but also with decorations, gifts and cakes, while also organizing events. So, if you want an "all in one", this is the magical space you have to go to!
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Flower House Craiova

Indoor and outdoor flowers or ornamental plants, you can find them at Casa Florilor Craiova, where you can make your gardens bloom, color your balconies and bring nature into your homes. As the people at Flower House tell us, this flower shop was founded out of a desire to support those who love these beauties, to give them useful and professional advice, to take care of them and enjoy their presence. So, from here you will also enrich yourself with a lot of new knowledge and information about your favorite flowers and plants!
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Happy Roses

Flowers should only bring joy, and that's exactly what the Happy Roses promise. Whether you're opting for floral design for the long-awaited event, or you want to give a gift or decorate your home, here you can find what you're looking for, all organized in a special environment that will definitely make you come back!
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You can not only find these wonderful plants in flower shops, but also in the Central Market in Craiova, where you can buy flowers directly from the source, from the people who grow them in their own gardens. Basically, you are buying a living story that will last in your homes. 😊 

And if you simply want to admire a multitude of colorful and extraordinarily well-arranged flowers, you can always visit the "Nicolae Romanescu" Park or the Botanical Garden, where you have perfect pictures: their color, their fragrance, fresh air and maybe sports. Practically, such an invitation cannot be refused!

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