Tasteful weekend: Flavors and arts

Tasteful weekend: Flavors and arts

The first weekend of October came to Craiova loaded with goodies.

The food

Dozens of food trucks have taken over the downtown of Craiova, in what is already the usual culinary journey organized annually at Craiova: Street Food Festival. From craft ice creams, angry burgers, crispy potatoes to Indian food, tasty beer, flavored steaks or seafood spun into huge pans, Street Food Festival is not just a celebration of food, but already a social movement.

The people of Craiova are most beautiful when they are united and this is what events like this one do: they bring people together, in a celebration of tastes, which wakes up even a dull October day. Together they were brought not only through the food from Street Food Festival, but also through the recycling and smart consumption of the resources initiatives proposed by the organizer and, of course, the music. On a stage set up right in the middle of „Mihai Viteazul” Square, Street Food Festival offered a different kind of musical concept, with a different style from the usual concerts.

The entire park under the statue of Mihai Viteazul has become a living room with bean bags, a space for relaxation and socializing and the perfect place to watch movies from the program, because we also had an outdoor cinema. And here's how parts of some streets, a square and a park become something different than they are every day, all to reveal the other faces of the city.

Local art

The Craiova Art Festival, on its first edition, aimed to celebrate through art the 30 years of freedom since 1989. A fresh event, from young people for all people of Craiova, that brought together concerts, photo exhibitions, magic, theater, movie screenings, street dance, stand-up comedy and workshops, demonstrating, once again, that people can be brought together even if they have different tastes. "Unity through diversity" could be a slogan that perfectly describes such events.

... and food again

Even in Calafat, good food was not missing. The "Autumn Fruitage" festival also hosted the „Dolj in foods” team, one of the most interesting initiatives to promote the county: to reach out to people and present the beauty of our places exactly through the goodies cooked by the housewives from Dolj. And you have no chance but to fall in love instantly once you have a tate! A praiseworthy initiative, signed, since 2014, by the County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of the Traditional Culture Dolj.

The city and county as an event continue in the coming days. Keep up to date with everything that happens, only on the Discover Dolj platform.

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Photos: discoverdolj.ro, facebook.com

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