Filișanu Family Mausoleum


Filiași 205300, România


It is located in the northwest part of Filiaşi, in the immediate vicinity of the cemetery.
There are also tourist signs that guide visitors to this monument.
The mausoleum was erected between 1865 and 1868 by Dimitrie Filișanu, a great politician and philanthropist of the past, and is called the "Sistine Chapel of Oltenia".
The historical ensemble consists of a mausoleum, surrounded by an enclosure wall.
The construction is the work of a great Italian architect who drew inspiration in erecting the mausoleum from a French model.
Inside are three massive walnut sarcophagi, richly decorated with sculptures. The remains of the Filișanu family are in the crypts below the sarcophagi, which have only a decorative purpose. On one of them is the family crest.
One reason why the Filișanu Family Mausoleum deserves attention is the fact that it is reminiscent of the boyar Dimitrie Filișanu, a great politician of the past, who was very much involved in the Revolution of 1848 and the Union of the Principalities in 1859.


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