#PersonalitiesOfDolj. Who left here to make history

#PersonalitiesOfDolj. Who left here to make history

Dolj county wrote history, and the people who lived or left from here did not let themselves be outdone either. Whether we are talking about art, literature, cinema or science, there are people who, wherever they went, made history. Here are some of them, whose legacy you can study and visit in our county.

Gogu Constantinescu

George, or Gogu Constantinescu, was born in Craiova on October 4, 1881, from a family of intellectuals. Gogu Constantinescu is recognized as one of the greatest engineers of mankind, being one of the pioneers of the use of reinforced concrete in construction but also the one who initiated the theory of sonicity, the science of transmitting mechanical energy through vibrations. Following this discovery, the inventor from Craiova developed the sonic motor, the sonic pump or the sonic hammer. On the 140th anniversary of his birth, Craiova pays tribute to the great scientist through a series of events organized by Craiova City Hall, the House of Culture "Traian Demetrescu", Dolj County Council, the Oltenia Museum and the University of Craiova , in partnership with the famous magazine Science and Technology.

Adrian Păunescu

Born in the Republic of Moldova, Adrian Păunescu spent a good part of his childhood in the commune of Bârca in Dolj county, where there is a memorial house that bears his name. The famous poet studied at the "Carol I" College in Craiova, so his name is closely related to Dolj County and the local people. In addition, he also wrote the anthem of the football team Universitatea Craiova.

Marin Sorescu

The writer Marin Sorescu, an emblematic figure of Romanian literature, was born in Bulzești commune, where the family also arranged a memorial house full of information about his life and work. He also said the following about the capital of Dolj: "Craiova seen from the carload is the most beautiful city in the world, / I remain still frozen when I think about it, it leaves my mouth watering".

Constantin Brâncuși

Although he was not born in Dolj, Constantin Brâncuși is a part of the history of our county, here being the place where he studied and where he began his education as a sculptor. He graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts in Craiova, and this city has a special respect for him. In the next period, the “Constatin Brâncuși” International Center will be inaugurated in Craiova, a unique construction in the world, with an exceptional architectural design, right in the courtyard of the Art Museum.

Henri Coandă

Henri Coandă, the pioneer of Romanian aviation, spent his childhood in the commune of Perișor, where there is also a museum that gathers, together, in two rooms, materials related to the scientist's childhood. Also, in the courtyard of the museum there is an IAR-93 plane, one of the first Romanian devices to which the Romanian scientist contributed.

Amza Pellea

Born in Băilești commune, our dear Oltenian has, at his home, a memorial house that bears his name. Every year, on the occasion of the Zaibăr and Leek Feast, the place is visited by hundreds of curious people who come to see how Amza lived, to feel the pulse of his native place or to study the archive documents placed in his house. Amza Pellea is still today one of the most beloved Romanian actors, who will not be forgotten too soon by the lovers of Romanian film.

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