“Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel” Church

Monastery / Church


Strada Frații Buzești 22, Craiova 200382, Romania


”The Archangel Saints” is one of the oldest churches in Oltenia. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century by the Radu, Stroe and Preda Buzescu brothers, captains in the army of Michael the Brave. Over time, the earthquakes left their mark on the building.

The last major restoration work was made at the beginning of the last century at the expense of Gogu and Polina Vorvoreanu, whose residence was nearby. As a sign of gratitude, during the meeting of the Eparchial Council of Craiova Archdiocese, Metropolitan Nifon Criveanu established that the holy place should be named "The Church Gogu and Polina Vorvoreanu".

Religious objects of an inestimable value can be found in the patrimony of this worship place. This include a beautiful collection of old, painted in oil and silver locked icons. A beautiful shrine was built in the church’s courtyard to honour the memory of those who suffered in the communist camps and prisons for the Orthodox faith.

Text source: ziarullumina.ro

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