#SomethingForThePets. Pet shops for our four-legged friends

In our county live not only people, but also their reliable companions, their pets. We looked for the friendliest pet shops in the city for you, where you can buy everything you need for the non-speakers in your life, but where you can also choose a pet if you don't have one.

Halta Cățelu

Halta Cățelu is a new place, newly opened in the central area that needed such a pet store. Here you will not find live animals - the concept is somewhat different - but you will find varied food, toys, beds, leashes, harnesses, snacks and much more, for all the animals. You can also drink an espresso while studying the various food ranges, depending on the needs of your companion.
Halta Cățelu - Facebook


Animax is a chain of pet shops that has been present for many years in Craiova, and here you also have the opportunity to choose a creature that will make your life more beautiful. Rabbits or guinea pigs, parrots or fish are waiting for you to offer them a more beautiful life, at home, in addition to varied food, snacks and colorful toys.
Animax - Facebook Animax - Facebook Electroputere

Doctor Z - Animal Supermarket

The first pet supermarket in Craiova was opened in July and since then it has enjoyed an increasing popularity. There you can find everything from food to accessories and transport cages, pharmaceuticals for animals of all kinds, including exotic fish or birds and even pigeons.
Doctor Z - Facebook


The PetyPet dog groomer has recently opened a market share, where you can find everything from accessories to food, transport cages, toys, care products and much more. So, if you get to the beauty salon with your quadruped, it wouldn't hurt to take a look at the store as well.

In addition to these four recommendations of ours, you can find pet shops in markets, shopping malls or pet districts in large stores. Remember, however, that the most important food for them is your love.

Photo: facebook.com/HaltaCatzelu, / Petypet-coafor-canin-222896548273982, /animax.electroputere.craiova, / DOCTORZ-161635337254056, pickpik.com. 

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