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Strada Aeroportului nr.278, Cârcea 207206, Romania


”Stănică” Tennis Club was established in 2010 out of love for sports and the desire to achieve great performance in tennis.

The successful results obtained in this sport, the experience gained as professional players but also the experience acquired in the field of sports during college, are some of the reasons why the brothers Victor and Oana Stănică decided to create their own tennis club.

Through specialized tennis courses we try to convey to children the joy of movement and especially how to learn to play tennis.

Although it is an individual game, it should be practiced at the beginning in groups of children who are permanently selected according to different criteria: age, physical development, level of training attained, individual motivations (tennis practiced for health, to participate in competitions or to obtain performances ), etc.

The size of these groups starts from 4-6 children at initiation level, 3-4 children at advanced level and after the age of 10 a mixed training system is practiced: both in groups of 3-4 children but also in groups of 2 children or individually, the proportion of individual workouts or in groups of two being lower for children aged 10-11 and gradually increasing until the age of 14. After the age of 14, the preparation becomes predominantly an individual one, whether it is done with a coach or with another athlete as sparring partner.

Stănică Tennis Club aims to create a large selection base, to be able to convey the love and beauty of this sport with minimal expenses from families. In this regard, it organizes promotional selection actions on a quarterly basis. The training takes place at the sports complex in Viitorului Street, at no. 24C.

The goal of the club is to discover talented athletes, to teach them tennis and to help them become winners and champions. “We have set up our own club to be able to create and develop an effective training system for athletes, meant to lead to achieving performance, a system based on the experiences gained over the years as a coach or as an athlete.
We are sure that we will succeed, the question whose answer remains unknown and we will only be able to answer in years from now: how many champions will we discover and how long will they be able to remain at the top?
It is a long, hard but beautiful road, we have patience and we believe that in a short time the club will start to grow in terms of the number of athletes and results that will be obtained, number of coaches and members, but also in terms of sponsorship opportunities for talented athletes."

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