Masters over time. 5 mansions that you must see when you arrive in Dolj

Now that we can travel without restrictions throughout the country, it would be a shame not to go and observe, even from a distance, where it is not possible to get close, the mastodons of time, who remained standing after years and years. These are the old mansions of Dolj, testimonies left in history by the elders of the county, who tell their story today to all those who come to see them.

Here are five of the most imposing buildings in Dolj that carry a special scent of their times. Fortunately, thanks to people who got involved at the right time, in some of them you can even stay and relive history. 

Banu Mărăcine mansion

Located near Craiova, the mansion is part of the Didactic Resort "Banu Mărăcine", known in Oltenia and abroad thanks to the special wines created here, but especially through Roua plaiului, a special brandy presented and awarded the silver medal at the International Invention Show from Geneva, in 1996. The mansion was built by the former mayor of Craiova, Constantin Negrescu, in honor of his son. Currently, this objective also benefits from rooms that can be rented for accommodation, by contacting the e-mail address or 0251/411746, but also for various important events. 
Curtea Regală Craiova

Barbu Drugă mansion

Located in Cetate, on the picturesque banks of the Danube, the mansion was built in 1875 by Ștefan Barbu Drugă, a local landowner. Currently, the building is privately owned and belongs to the successor of the Drugă family, Joana Grevers, who transformed the mansion, the surrounding park and the port into a cultural port where different events take place. All the surroundings are helped, of course, by the Danube that washes the lands on the hottest summer days. 

N.N. Popp mansion

The imposing house in Padea village, Drănic commune, belonged to the banker N.N. Popp, and its history begins in the early 1900s, more precisely in 1907. The building bears the signature of the architect Ion D. Berindey, and the history of the mansion is linked to the writer Alexandru Kiritescu, who imagined, here, the action from the novel "Gaiţele". The mansion was rehabilitated a few years ago, and is now available to tourists as accommodation for events, with all the necessary facilities. If you want to relive the atmosphere of a hundred years ago, you can definitely do it here. 
Conacul Popeci

Mansion of the Coțofeni Court Ensemble

The mansion of the lawyer Sescioreanu is a magical place that, unfortunately, no longer bears on its walls the care of the past. However, the scent of the times when even Queen Mary of Romania stopped here still remains. Located in Coțofenii din Față, it dates from the middle of the 18th century and was also a set for the film “Tănase Scatiu”, in the 1970s. That is why it is also known as the Tănase Scatiu Mansion. 

Brăiloiu mansion

The mansion was built in the late 1600s - early 1700s by Cornea Brăiloiu, Mare Governor of Oltenia, an important figure around Constantin Brâncoveanu. Located in the village of Negoiești, Melinești commune, it also has a mystical issue built around it. It is said that there would be a tunnel under the mansion, but no one knows where it leads. Another important detail is related to the fact that this building was built with hand-to-hand transported bricks from Brădești, a neighboring commune with Melinești, located about 7 kilometers away. 
Conacul Brăiloiu

These are just five of the jewels found on the lands of Dolj and if your paths ever intersect with them, put a good thought for them to make them last in time. And, of course, watch the Monumentalist, who does a great job of photographic documentation and not only of these wonderful buildings in our county. 

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