The beaches on the banks of the Danube, #MareaDeLângăNoi

The beaches on the banks of the Danube, #MareaDeLângăNoi

Summer is planning to stay with us, because we are only in August, so we thought we would suggest some destinations where you can relax and, why not, discover the county in all its splendor on the way.

Thus, if you haven't reached the sea yet or have no such plans, we tell you that you can find the "sea" - but the great Danube - here, a few tens of kilometers from Craiova. We have selected three of the beaches arranged on the banks of the Danube, in Dolj county, where you can spend a relaxing day with your family or friends, right here, near us.

Bascov Beach – Calafat

90 kilometers from Craiova, we have a very attractive and modern beach, in the city of Calafat. Bașcov Beach has become more and more sought after in recent years, and here, those who arrive can enjoy a swim in the waters of the Danube, a cold beer and the sun, next to the reed umbrellas and a holiday atmosphere. Moreover, events are also organized there, so a day spent at the beach can end very nicely, why not, with a folk music concert.

Maglavit beach

The Danube also covers the banks of the commune of Maglavit, about 80 kilometers from Craiova, where a beach has also been set up for those who want to sunbathe and take a cool swim. And if you still end up in the area, it wouldn't hurt to visit the Maglavit Monastery, one of the most beautiful in the county and one with a story to match.
Mănăstirea Maglavit

Cetate Beach

Last but not least, we recommend that you enjoy the last month of summer including on the beach in Cetate commune, approximately 70 kilometers from Craiova, where an equally relaxing atmosphere awaits you. You can get here on the Craiova-Cetate road, recently rehabilitated by the county authorities, through a project worth around 50 million euros. The road supports both citizens and investors, but also visitors who now have the opportunity to reach the south-west of the county much more easily.

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