The dream has come true! The "Brâncuși" Center, inaugurated and open to visitors

The dream has come true! The "Brâncuși" Center, inaugurated and open to visitors

The "Constantin Brâncusi" center in the vicinity of the Craiova Art Museum is, from today, open to visitors!

The inauguration of the center took place last night, in a gala setting, through a chain of musical moments supported by the soloists Renata Vari (soprano) and Mihai Ungureanu (piano), as well as the orchestra of the Oltenia Philharmonic, the culmination being represented by a videomapping on the Craiova Art Museum building. 

Hundreds of guests were able to enjoy the special moments presented, which included, of course, the visit of the exhibition space and the glass prism, the top of which can be reached with an elevator that can be used by only one person. 

The center dedicated to the giant Brâncusi is presented as a huge exhibition space, where visitors can learn all the details about his life and work, watch films about him, admire the beams brought by V.G. Paleolog, considered the first monograph of the sculptor, from Brâncusi's workshop in Paris and many others.

The impressive space was the result of an investment carried out by the Dolj County Council, designed by the renowned architect Dorin Ștefan. The construction has a glass prism over 12 meters high, inside which an ovoid construction, made of overlapping slats, contains the large-scale reproduction of the famous work "Maiastra".

According to his own stories, Dorin Ștefan explained that the source of inspiration for this ensemble was the never materialized project of the temple that Brâncusi was going to build, at the request of Maharajah Yeshwant Rao Holkar II of Indore. Years later, last night, September 15, a "temple" in concrete and glass opened its doors in Craiova, as a tribute to the genius sculptor Constantin Brâncusi.

As we have announced on several occasions, the entrance of the public to the center will be free, the purpose of the investment being the unrestricted access of all those who wish to find out all the information related to Brâncusi.

We can only be happy to have witnessed such a moment and, therefore, we invite you to visit, starting today, this Brancușian "house" and learn the story of the father of modern sculpture, Constantin Brâncusi from Oltenia, who was, for four years, a proud inhabitant of Craiova!


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