The EcoFest and the Contemporary Dance Connect Festival welcome the summer in Craiova

The International Ecological Film Festival Eco Fest Romania "For the Health of the Earth" officially started the summer in Craiova, and for a week the students from the city, but also the citizens were able to enjoy a rich program of films on environment, concerts, workshops, but also a play by the Excelsior Theatre in Bucharest.

Moreover, students from schools in Craiova competed in environmental projects that were presented throughout the festival, being also awarded, but they also played the role of jurors for the screenings in the competition section.

Knowing how important the issue of environmental protection is, we can say that such a festival in Craiova was more than welcome, and the involvement of students and young people, in general, is essential. Among the films screened at the festival were The Lion King (2016), Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom (2018) or Tommorowland (2015), which the general public could watch in the "Nicolae Romanescu" Park.

Speaking of festivals and the “Romanescu” Park, Craiova will also become the residence of contemporary dance, between June 17-20, when the city will host the Connect Contemporary Dance Festival. It is only a good opportunity for the people of Craiova and not only to enjoy music, dance-related movies and workshops, all events being free.

Co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, the festival is organized by the Delazero Association, a group of young artists in the field of performing arts, film and music, who contribute to the development of the Romanian cultural sector through innovative projects, encouraging new forms of artistic expression and access to the culture of various categories of public.

The festival includes 2 dance workshops for children and teenagers, in which young people will learn from professional dancers short choreographies and participate in improvisation exercises, and every day of the festival there will be live street performances with music and dance, four contemporary dance performances and 16 short films, the organizers broadcast.

We will be watching the Connect Contemporary Dance Festival and we invite you to do the same. Below is a complete schedule of the days on which it takes place. 

Thursday, June 17
11.00 - 12.00 Connect Workshops: dance workshops for children aged 9-13
18.30, 19.30 Connect Urban Performance @ Mihai Viteazul Square
21.30 Connect Performance: The show "Sorry, we!" @ Summer Theatre, Nicolae Romanescu Park
22.30 Connect Films: International dance short films “Man-made vs. Nature” @ Summer Theatre

Friday, June 18
11.00 Connect Workshops: dance workshops for teenagers aged 14-18
6.30pm - 7.30pm Connect Urban Performance @ William Shakespeare Square (TNC)
21.30 Connect Performance: "Lux" show @ Summer Theatre
22.30 Connect Films: International Dance Short Films "The Persuit of Happiness" @ Summer Theatre

Saturday, June 19
14.00, 19.00 Connect Urban Performance @ Nicolae Romanescu Park
21.30 Connect Films: Romanian dance short films “Concrete Territories” @ Biergarten

Sunday, June 20
14.00, 19.00 Connect Urban Performance @ Nicolae Romanescu Park
20.30 Connect Performance: Guest @ Summer Theatre
21.30 Connect Performance: Connecting Pleasures @ Summer Theatre
22.30 Connect Films: International Dance Short Films "Dance Stories" @ Summer Theatre 

Photo credit: Mădălina Păun; Illustration: Claudia Feti,

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