Where can we cool off in summer, in Dolj

Summers in Dolj can be really difficult, but it’s nothing that the locals couldn’t tame. The plain area, arid during summer, attracts the highest temperatures, but there are solutions. And yet how many! Forget about the heat and staying indoors and get outside, to places where you can cool off. We know a few:

The parks and the Botanical Garden

There are a lot of parks in Dolj, but the most impressive are, definitely, the ones in Craiova. “Romanescu” Park has a history that’s more than a hundred years old and it’s the biggest natural park in Eastern Europe. Here, you can stroll through the spectacular nature, you can go on the lake by boat, you can relax at one of the terraces or you can just grab a blanket and sit on the grass, in the shadows. Craiova awaits with two more big parks, that reunite different activities: Youth Park and “Hanul Doctorului” Park. The Botanical Garden is also an ideal spot for walking and observing the flora, but also for jogging. The place has its own track for the ones who like to practice running.

Parks and Gardens

The pools

The need for lower temperatures led to more and more pools appearing in the county, in the last years, and that’s great! You can choose to go swimming for a few hours or spend your entire day far from clutter, with your family or friends. Among them, we can tell you about: Valencia Pool (Metro area), Sânziana Pool (Sărari neighborhood), Hanul Doctorului Pool (near “Hanul Doctorului” Park), Imperial Summer (Podari), NOA Pool (North Route of Craiova, Airport area), Chicago Pub & Events (Malu Mare), Fanty Beach (Ișalnița), Plaja “La Cetate” (Cetate), La Cișmea (Mârșani), Magic Land (Almăj), Plus Aqua (Metro area), Craiova Waterpark (Youth Park), ROUA Pool (Perișor), Mirage Ballroom Pool (Malu Mare).

Swimming pools

The leisure complexes

In case you want more than a pool and you’re planning to have more relaxing days and quality time, there are solutions for that too. “La Ciupagi”, in Ciupercenii Vechi, is a vacation complex that has activities for all ages, from feeding animals to fishing or hunting. Also, in Bulzeşti, we have “Un Colţ de Rai” / “A Corner of Heaven”, which also reunites leisure activities and accommodation. These places are far from the clutter, from traffic and noise, so you’ll be able to have an authentic experience in the nature.

Recreational areas

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