See Dolj from above, with the Romanian Aeroclub. Sign up for flight lessons!

Dolj is among the lucky counties that have a branch of the Romanian Aeroclub. The institution is subordinated to the Ministry of Transport and, from time to time, organizes licensing courses for parachuting, for ultra-light aircrafts or airplane (PPL) for private pilot license, but also for gliding.

Adrenaline enthusiasts can thus feed their need for strong feelings by enrolling in these courses, which will bring them a unique experience in life.

Exactly in this period, the Romanian Aeroclub, so also the Craiova Aeroclub "G.V. Bibescu", started the registrations for the courses listed above. Thus, until February 7, the ones that want can register at the stand arranged by the Aeroclub in the Electroputere Parc Mall premises. Important for the youngest of the flight enthusiasts is that people between the ages of 15 and 23 benefit from the courses for free.

How does it feel? The sensation is impossible to describe, but we are lucky that the most passionate have documented these flights and have passed them on to the curious ones.

The courses that involve flight mean, in addition to the experience of a different sport and adrenaline rush as rarely found, a by-the-book training activity. Thus, after the students obtain the necessary licenses, they will be able to continue the training in the county lots, in order to obtain results at national and international level. The Romanian Aeroclub has over 150 school, training and performance aircrafts (gliders and airplanes) and about 200 parachutes distributed in the 15 locations in the country.

Dolj's connections with flying do not end with the Craiova Aeroclub. The Perișor village in our county is the childhood place of Henri Coandă, the pioneer of Romanian aviation, where there is also a museum dedicated to him, but also a military plane. Although he was born in Bucharest, Coandă came very often to Perișor as a child, to visit his grandparents, but also to Craiova and Calafat, where his relatives had properties.

The people of Dolj continue, through an arc over time, the passion for flight, not only through the activity of the Aeroclub, but also through the recently established "Balloon Adventure" Festival, the first hot air balloon festival in the area of Oltenia. This took place in the summer of 2019 in the city of Băilești and will naturally have the second edition this year. Here also, those who want can register for a balloon flight, if, of course, the weather allows it at the time of the festival.

Photo: Aeroclubul Craiova "G.V. Bibescu",,
Video: Istrate Mihnea

Aeroclub Craiova

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