Andrei Ciubuc // Dan Firanescu // Azub @The 20's

Andrei Ciubuc // Dan Firanescu // Azub @The 20's


traian demetrescu 14, Craiova, Romania
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Andrei Ciubuc is one of the members of the new wave of producers and djs who are completing the whole picture of Romanian house & techno underground. Starting from early childhood, Andrei developed a pretty special relationship with music. He started with an analog side, playing violin first, and later guitar followed by bass guitar. With his experience for sound engineering he managed to create his own label “Draganenii”, a versatile project in which we can find his unique style patterns with every opportunity he has. Andrei Ciubuc is also part of “Backstage Boys” alongside with Dan Andrei and Kozo, apart from the duo he has with Vlad Radu entitled under the name “VRAC”.

Azub is a Romanian artist based in Caracal and resident for Groove Production. His passion for music started when he was very young, with a love for Dubstep and Drum&Bass. He discovered his interest for minimal in early 2017. Azub tells a story in his sets inspired by various artists, such as: Traumer, Rhadoo, Raresh, Cristi Cons, Miroloja.