#HolidaysAtHome. What can we do in Dolj if we don't go anywhere

Maybe we haven't found the ideal destination or maybe we don't have time to go on vacation this year. But what does it matter, as long as we can find the holidays at home with us?

We have thought, for you, of some activities that could take you out of the routine and, at the same time, of some locations that could make you feel, for a few hours or for a day, on vacation. 

A tour of the museums in Craiova

The Art Museum and the Oltenia Museum, with its three sections, offer a cool and cultural holiday home, given that everything takes place in iconic buildings, and the exhibits can be seen away from the scorching rays of the sun. 
Facebook - Craiova Art Museum Facebook - Oltenia Museum

A visit to the Marincu Palace in Calafat

Also known as the Museum of Art and Ethnography in Calafat, the Marincu Palace is one of the most beautiful architectural works in the entire county. Its classic and bohemian air fits perfectly with the purpose it has today, that of a museum. Worth a visit, believe us! 
Facebook - Marincu Palace

Danube beach – Cetate village

The beach arranged with an exit to the Danube, from Cetate commune, can make you feel like you are at sea. The umbrellas and the reed bar, the wide beach, the calm water and the fine sand can help you feel like on vacation, just a few tens of kilometers from Craiova. 

A few hours at Bunker Laser Tag

A round of running and "shooting" at Bunker Laser Tag would definitely be a holiday option in the heart of the city. Adrenaline, team spirit and a lot of exercise can be the perfect recipe for an outing like we don't often have. 
Facebook - Bunker Laser Tag Arena

A visit to the Asylum Escape House

If we keep talking about adrenaline, we cannot forget about an hour spent at the Asylum Escape House, the place from which you must escape following the clues given and respecting, of course, the timer. It is not a place for the weak, so especially the brave are invited to show how capable they are of such an adventure. 
Facebook - Asylum Escape House

A day of sun and water at the Waterpark

You can't say "vacation at home" without talking about the Waterpark in Craiova. Now that all the outdoor and indoor pools are open, according to the existent rules, what is more pleasant than a day with sun and water at the largest aquatic complex in Oltenia? 10/10 must be tried. 

A guided tour of the places full of history in Craiova

Let's say you don't know everything about Craiova and, even if you do, you would like to rediscover everything again. You can call on the people from Craiova Guided Tours, who are at your disposal to show you what is most beautiful about our city. 
Facebook - Craiova Guided Tours

Photos: discoverdolj.ro, facebook.com/palatulmarincu, /bunkerlasertagarena, /craiovaguidedtours, www.mariusmateche.ro 

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