#ieNou. A new hub for the young artists of Craiova, set up by themselves

ieNou hub is a new concept founded by a group of young artists from Craiova who want to be more and more visible and who want to have a place of their own, where they can show what they know how to do. We are talking about events in areas that those involved have already come to master. 

Specifically, ieNou hub is a cultural hub project that includes theatre, concerts, impro shows, and the team consists of independent actors/ musicians/ theatre students. As the artists themselves say, ieNou hub was born “to create an independent art area in Craiova and because we come from a period when we didn’t have what to do for a long time. We feel, therefore, the need to manifest ourselves artistically in as many ways as possible”.

And because the hub also needed a concrete place to host all these activities, the young people found their "playground" at the Fado Irish Pub, where they already hold weekly concerts and plays. 

The first play conceived by the young artists, "Blue Dress", has already seen the spotlight in the beautiful summer garden of Fado Pub a few weeks ago, and the second, "M.EAT" will take place in the near future. When, more precisely, you can find out on the official ieNou Hub page. 
Facebook - ieNou hub

We also saw the young artists at work and we can only congratulate them for the decision they made. The pandemic year made us, art consumers, to want such shows, and those who offer art, to want to express themselves as much as possible through it.

The initiative that fully belongs to them is one that deserves great attention, given that, without exercise and public, it is quite difficult to become an experienced artist. 

We wish them success and we want to see as many shows and premieres signed by them; some cures, we believe, for all the things that both we and the artists have gone through in the last year and a half.

Good luck, ieNou hub! We’ll see you on stage!

Photos: facebook.com/ienou.hub 

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