#InternationalCoffeeDay. 5 cafes to go where you can celebrate the day of the magical liquor

October 1, that is International Coffee Day, is fastly approaching, so we will have the joy of being able to enjoy our favorite drink on an autumn day. Craiova is full of cafes to go, inspired and friendly places where we can drink your coffee or take it away. We have some suggestions where you can do that, for morning refreshment or at any time of the day.

Coffee Story Craiova

A place where you can find specialty coffee, 100% arabica, but also a coffee roaster at the same time, as well as a cafe. In addition to the available coffee assortments, you can also find teas or nibbles. Yummy!
Coffee Story Craiova - facebook

Ponton Craiova

A cafe that is among the favorites of the people of Craiova awaits you with coffee specialties reminiscent of Greece, but also with desserts, sandwiches, teas, lemonade or ice cream, in a more than friendly atmosphere. You can find those from Ponton in two locations in Craiova, both in the city center, opposite the University, and in the area of ​​the University of Medicine and Pharmacy.
Ponton Craiova - facebook Ponton Coffee UMF - facebook

Smart Cup Craiova

The scientific cafe in Craiova, strategically located right next to two large colleges in the city, "Carol I" and "Elena Cuza", is the place where, in addition to the coffee that is the order of the day, you can read, solve problems in mathematics or other subjects . It's cool to be wise!
Smart Cup Craiova - facebook

Bulldog Specialty Coffee

Inspired by one of the cutest dog breeds, Bulldog Specialty Coffee is the place that honors these four-legged friends by having them as daily guests. Coffee, coffee specialties, breakfast and more await you at Bulldog.
Bulldog Specialty Coffee - facebook


Located in the "Romanescu" Park area, Fix is ​​a cafe with a special and fresh decoration, and it can be by your side when you choose to enjoy a walk through the park with a coffee. Plus, you can drink your coffee right there and meet a lot of great people.
Fix - facebook

So, we invite you to enjoy International Coffee Day in any of the above locations, while also discovering the others on the Discover Dolj website and app.

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