”All Saints” Roman-Catholic Church or St. Anton

Monastery / Church


Strada Mihai Viteazul 10, Craiova, Romania


”All Saints” Roman-Catholic Church or the St. Anton Church
Titular Saint: All Saints; St. Anton

In 1827, priest Ludovic Bodor, supported by Bishop Iosif Molajoni, bought with 300 golden coins from Smaranda Prisăceanca the place where the local church is currently built.
The construction of the building began on this location in 1844, having the following dimensions: 14 x 7 stânjeni and the height of 4 stânjeni (“stânjen” was a old measurement unit; 1 Stânjen = approximately 2 m). The church was planned to have 3 altars. The bell tower was 35 ocale (“oca” was an old measurement unit; 1 oca = 1,283 kg), and in 1857, Bishop Angelus Parsi would offer as a gift a 70 ocale weight bell.
Then, the Church was sanctified in 1844 by Bishop Molajoni, in honor of "All Saints".
A school was established in a large chamber of the parochial house by teacher, having as priest Ludovic Bodor as teacher.
Major repair and refurbishment works were made after 1884 by the new parson, priest Eduard Struzina.
Emperor Franz Joseph donated 2,500 golden coins. The old tower of the church was demolished, being built a new Gothic tower that lasted until the earthquake from 1977. A clock was installed in the tower, the church windows were replaced and three new beautifully sculpted altars were brought. The organ for the church was purchased in 1894. General repair works were made in 1910 and 1922.
The earthquake of March 1977 seriously damaged the church tower and the part of the building located near the tower, which had to be demolished and rebuilt in its original form. The church was also consolidated.
In 1884, Eduard Struzina became parish priest and brought to Craiova the Congregation of Mary Ward nuns, English Ladies, who immediately established a school for education and learning for girls, which quickly developed under the guidance of Mother Superior Gisela Kolbay (having elementary school and boarding school which were highly requested in Craiova at that time). The Institute closed its activity in the summer of 1948, together with the process of schools’ nationalisation.
A shelter for poor women, founded by parson priest Andrei Kuczka, was also established on the land belonging to the Craiova Parish.
Between 1998-1999, the interior of the church, the paintings and the statues as well as the interior of the parish house were renovated.
Between 1991-1994, with the support of the Governments of the Republics of Germany and Italy and under the guidance of Pr. Dean Râtan Ionel, a kindergarten named "Saint Anthony" was built in the courtyard of the Parish.
In 1992, the location of the catholic school where the Roman Catholic Dean is located and where The Roman Catholic Theological Medical School "Saint Joseph" is currently functioning (nurse school) was recovered by court decision.


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