Balta Neagra (Black Pond) Natural Reserve

Protected area / Natural attraction


Desa, Romania


The Balta Neagră (Black Pond) natural reserve, is a protected area of national interest according to Law no. 5/2000 and has an area of 120 ha.

The Balta Neagra covers an area of 1.2 hectares, located on the territory of Desa. It is bordered by an acacia forest, private property to the north, a vineyard planting in the east, and private property to the west.
This pond is accessible by road in the direction of the Poiana Mare - Desa county road and then on the roads DE1110 - 1112 and DE1105.

It is a temporary pond that is completely dry during the dry summers. There are, however, several wetlands, permanent or temporary meshes, springs, marshes inside the site, whose hydrological level largely depends on the principle of infiltration of the floodplain area of the Danube River and to a lesser extent on the amount of precipitation in rainy periods.

It is a protected area of national interest that corresponds to the fourth category IUCN aquatic nature reserve situated in the Dolj County, on the administrative territory of the Desa commune; it represents a natural lustre of water and the surrounding area with the fauna specific to the wetlands of the Danube Plain.


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