Bust of Ioan Maiorescu


Strada Ion Maiorescu, Craiova, Romania


The decision to erect a statue of Ioan Maiorescu was taken in 1909. The funds required were obtained by public subscription, the names of the donors being published in the Ramuri Magazine. The execution of Ioan Maiorescu's bust (bronze) was entrusted to the sculptor Ion Iordanescu. The work of art was finished in 1911 and the inauguration took place on January 7, 1913. Initially placed in Bibescu Park, in 1928 it was moved in front of the Carol I National College. After the earthquake in 1977 it was relocated on the square in front of Elena Cuza National College. The bust is cast in bronze, and the base is made of stone from Câmpulung. A male torso (the symbol of time) is detached from the socket rock, wrapping in a curtain, with both arms, the shoulders of the bust. On the stone socket is engraved: "To Ioan Maiorescu 1811-1864". On the back of the socket is a paragraph from one of the great Romanian diplomat speeches.

Source: memorielocala.aman.ro
Photo: www.monumenteoltenia.ro, www.audiotravelguide.ro

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