Craiova with the smell of lavender. Dozens of lavender artisans stormed the center of Craiova

Craiova had Lavanda Fest and Lavanda Fest had Craiova. A delight for the senses and for health took place, last weekend, in the "Mihai Viteazul" Square, which was filled with scents and only good cures for body and soul, at the first edition of Lavanda Fest held in Craiova.

For those who don't know (yet), lavender is used a lot in aromatherapy, its oil being antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Plus you can find it in many forms in commerce, which makes it a versatile plant and easy to consume: in soap, tincture, oil, tea, lavender honey and more. On tougher days, lavender can help you calm down and find the relaxation you need, thanks to its therapeutic scent.

We also let ourselves be absorbed by the wonders present at this colorful and aromatic festival, and we can only tell you that it was delicious, surprising and full of kind and lovely people, who invited the people of Craiova to "study" closely their goodies.

From gingerbread to lavender waffles, from liqueur to lavender ice cream and colorful and tasty macarons, to handmade cosmetics, lemonade, soaps and more, with lavender and more, filled the central area, to the delight of the younger and older people of Craiova.

There were also workshops, concerts with enchanting music like the scent of lavender - harp, violin, guitar -, magic shows and excellent socializing between merchants and Craiova residents, who learned a lot of stories about the magical plant.

We are glad that our city also hosted such a unique festival, and we convey to those who came to present their skills that we are definitely waiting for them again!

As we told you a few days ago on Facebook, #LavenderIsTheNewBlack after this extremely relaxed weekend full of friendship and interesting aromas. We were left with many smiles, beautiful memories and the joy of having met wonderful people.

You can find the people from Lavanda Fest on Facebook, where you can also follow their activity from the weekend that just passed.
Lavanda Fest - facebook

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