From food to dances and costumes. Traditions week in Dolj

Traditions are something we, as people of Dolj, care about a lot. Whether we are talking about local cuisine, folk costumes or traditional dances, they will always find their place in our souls, but also in the events that take place in the county.

Last week was one of a kind, in which the chosen dishes, folk costumes and songs and dances were the stars, both in Craiova and in the locality of Rast on the Danube Valley. All events were organized by the Dolj County Council and the Dolj County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture. 

Dolju-n bucate, at Radio Oltenia Craiova

The culinary diversity was at home, at the beginning of the week, when students, housewives and volunteers from all over Dolj, but also from Olt, Vâlcea, Gorj and Mehedinți came with singing, folk dances or dishes, on the 68th anniversary of Radio Oltenia Craiova. The event took place in the courtyard of the radio station, and those who had the opportunity to be there were able to admire and taste our traditional Oltenian dishes. Below are some inspirational photos... Gourmet!

Costumes and beauty at the Rast Village Days

Of course, the traditions do not take place without the folk costumes, and the folk costumes from the Danube Valley are some that shine and tell their own story. On the occasion of the Rast Village Days, an exhibition of traditional costumes took place in the locality last Friday. The exhibition featured objects from the collection of Alexandru Lilea, popular music performer, winner in 2017 of the Festival "Maria Tănase", XXIV edition: folk costume, ceramic objects, pistorns, icons, lamps, looms , traditional musical instruments, barks, fish, risers, spindles and more.

The procession of the Oltenian „căluș”, an old tradition

And, because, if we have Whitsuntide, we also have the Oltenian callus, Whitsuntide Sunday could not pass without being marked by the traditional procession of the Oltenian „căluș”, a beautiful traditional dance played exclusively by men. From the center of the city to the “Romanescu” Park, the crowds of dancers from Dolj (Coţofenii din Dos, Potmelţu village; Dăbuleni; Giurgiţa; Sopot, Pietroaia village; Şimnicu de Sus, Leşile village) but also from Vâlcea and Olt (the crowd from the commune of Frâncești and the crowd of “Romula Malva” from the commune of Dobrosloveni) enchanted everyone who got in their way, through traditional song and dance.

The customs and objects that have been remembered by our ancestors, their beauty and simplicity always remind us that we have something to pass on and what we are proud of. We suggest that you do this more and more often and keep in mind that just by remembering our history, we will be able to look forward to the future. 😊 

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