Barbu Druga Mansion


Strada Portului, Cetate, Romania


Barbu Druga Mansion is located in the harbour village on the Danube, Cetate, being raised by Ştefan Barbu Drugă, a local landowner. This one, seizing the potential of the site, establishes at the end of the nineteenth century the harbour on the Danube to facilitate the grain trade in the Oltenia area. Alongside the harbour and the mansion, the area of Cetate also includes a park, a mill, various annexes.

The mansion was erected in the first phase in 1875, but the stage that characterizes it is the beginning of the twentieth century, fitting in the Art Deco style with the influences of the Italian villas of the moment of edification. The building is located in the middle of the park with which it connects through a series of terraces discovered at all levels, those at the upper levels being covered by pergolas made of reinforced concrete. The interiors are simple, following a two-level distribution, an underground level and a level of terraces at the top, all connected through an internal staircase. On the ground floor are salons and upstairs bedrooms, in relation to the open terraces.

After 1989, the area was owned by the local authorities in order to be re-assigned to the survivor of the Druga family, Joana Grevers after 2000, who managed to transform the mansion, the park and the harbour into a cultural harbour, organizing artistic events, exhibitions, etc.


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