#FastFoodDay. Where we eat delicious and fast in Craiova

On November 16, the whole world celebrates International Fast Food Day. In Craiova, we do the same, so we thought we would share with you some of the locations with local flavors that honor this concept. Let's make every day a #cheatday with the best burgers, the most crunchy sandwiches or the most golden potatoes. Let's begin!

Biergarten Craft Food & Beer

Whether we are talking about juicy burgers, corndogs, french fries, sausages or wings, at Biergarten Craft Food & Beer you will find flavors that stimulate your taste buds. Accompanied by craft beers, we are sure that all their goodies will make you take another bite. You can find them on Tazz by Emag or on the spot, at Biergarten Craiova.


As the name suggests, this is about a lot, a lot of meat, properly enchanted in burgers of all kinds. We thought of recommending a new entry from them, named Neaoș Burger, a burger with smoked pork chop, well greased with horseradish mustard and pickled cabbage salad and hot peppers. On the Old Center or through the delivery platforms, their burgers can be yours, anytime and anywhere.


Kebab, falafel or hummus are recipes you can't go wrong with if you want to try a different type of fast food. At Babs, oriental flavors are at home, and they will challenge your taste buds with new… happy attempts! Through delivery or across the street from the University you can find the Babs team, who is ready to offer you the experience of a different fast food.


Chicken or beef burgers, Cuban sandwiches, golden and crispy potatoes, delicious sauces… What more do you want than what you can find at Barbacoa, where fast food is at home, like art well placed on a plate. You can find the ones from Barbacoa on bvd. Carol 105B or, of course, on the delivery platforms in the city.

Bucurie Pe Felie

At Bucurie Pe Felie (Joy on the slice) you have things… at the slice that will bring you - what else - Joy! Sliced ​​pizza, from various assortments or delicious pita pockets sandwiches, prepared with selected ingredients and a lot of joy, is as the team there describes, and we can only agree with them. So, if you are looking for joy, you may find it opposite the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater or on the Tazz By Emag platform.

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