Lake Fântânele, the dream place where you can run away from the city

Whether you are a fan of fishing or spending time in a quiet place, where you can hear only the sounds of nature, Lake Fântânele is the place where you can do that, at a stone's throw from Craiova.

Located in a beautiful area with forests and hills, Lake Fântânele is about 35 kilometers away from Craiova and is the main tourist attraction in the area. The lake, a natural one, stretches over 360 hectares and, if you are attracted by a break from the busy and hectic life of the city, well, on the shore of Lake Fântânele you can find the peace you are looking for. And this spring seems to look perfect in the waves of the lake.

For lovers of sport fishing, here you can find carp or pikeperch, but this is not the only activity you can have in the area. Cycling, walking in the woods or on the hills are just some of the things you can do here.

Not to mention that a blanket and a book are the things you shouldn't miss in your luggage for a proper reading session in the nature. It is easy to understand that if you have a dog that needs movement, this is the ideal place to bring him or her.

If you dare to take a longer walk, you can also visit the Church “St. Great Martyr Gheorghe” from Târnava village (Radovan commune). This is a historical monument dating from 1672 and is one of the oldest places of worship in the county.

So pack your fishing kit, tent and everything that you need and make a stop at Fântânele, for a weekend that will definitely charge your batteries.

If you are friends with nature, but not so friendly, the Fântânele Pension, on the shores of the lake, has all the accommodation facilities - including a restaurant, fitness room and a children's playground - but also the privacy and the classic intimacy of the place.
Pensiunea Fântânele

Maybe you can't get too far in the next few weeks, but at Fântânele you definitely have time to organize a visit with your loved ones. Discover these places, as we did, and enjoy the unique feeling of peace and freedom they offer you. 😊 


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