#LiberiÎnAerLiber. Activities in parks and gardens, accessible to all

The uncertain situations in our times make us wonder what we are allowed to do and what not to do. But this does not mean that we do not have extremely suitable alternatives to spend our free time in a beautiful and healthy way.

Here are the outdoor activities we have thought of for you, in Craiova, but also in other parks and gardens in the county, where appropriate.

Jogging in the Botanical Garden

Whether you want to exercise to lose weight or to stay healthy and fit, we recommend you try a power walk or jog. The “Alexandru Buia” Botanical Garden in Craiova is ideal for this, considering that there is also a tartan track specially made for this purpose. Until you reach it, because it is located at the back of the garden, you can admire the existing trees and shrubs, but also the unique floral arrangements.

Yoga in the park

A good idea given by those from Street Delivery Craiova was to do yoga in the park, which happened during the two days of the urban manifesto. We suggest the same, and if you have a tablet, a gym mattress and some free time, you can go anywhere in the "Romanescu" Park, the Youth Park or the "Hanul Doctorului" Park to try some easy exercises and postures of yoga. In addition to relaxing the body, yoga also relaxes the mind. 😊 Here is a link to easy exercises for beginners.

Bicycle or rollerblading tours

If you are a fan of sports on two wheels, accessible to all, we recommend you go to the "Romanescu" Park, where there is a special velodrome for this type of activity. Moreover, in the “Romanescu” Park, the people from GoBike Craiova are also waiting for you, from where you can rent bikes, in case you don't have one of your own.

Organise a picnic

The sunny days have not yet completely disappeared, so if you want to eat not on the terraces of the restaurants in the city or at home, you can opt for a picnic, also in the "Romanescu" Park, or in any other park in the city. The ingredients? A blanket, a basket full of goodies and dear friends that would make a regular meal a different kind of celebration.

A perspective walk from the Suspended Bridge

Also in the "Romanescu" Park you have the opportunity, for the first time in three years, to walk on the Suspended Bridge, which was recently opened to the public, after a thorough rehabilitation. You have the opportunity to see the whole park from above and, why not, to experience different sensations, at height.

Photo: facebook.com/raadpfl, / Street-Delivery-Craiova-219120668689019, / Primaria-Municipiului-Craiova-821317074598966, flickr.com, pikist.com.

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