MustHave: "Craiova of yesterday 1927-1947", a sensational piece of history of the capital of Dolj

History needs collectors and enthusiasts in order not to get lost. And we find such passion in the first volume of the album "Craiova of yesterday 1927-1947" a book-document that should not be missing neither from the sack of tourists, nor from that of the people of Craiova. The reason is simple: here we find explained photos, an extraordinary work of documentation and that feeling of goosebumps as we browse it.

The words hardly express what this album represents for the eyes of a reader or for the one who browses the thick pages stained with ink which, arranged in this way, reproduces the most beautiful photos from the period 1927-1947 of Craiova. We see buildings that still exist today, fortunately, we see beauties of architecture that have been demolished for various reasons. We can look at the people of those times, all dressed up, fashionable, walking by the hand of a young lady, or young ladies who in turn walk prams. We see the army on the streets in those turbulent times of the Second World War, people of the street, people of the Marșeu Square. In general, people.

The streets paved with cubic stone seemed to tell a different story then; one that you will surely discover and feel if you will be able to browse this album. Craiova not only seemed different, but it was different, a city in other times now gone.

The evolution of time has transformed this city into a modern one, one that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people and cars, and that aroma of the past, for the most part, has remained in the past. However, we still have great buildings, which stand up to the care of people and authorities, and from which we can learn that history can exist among us only if we respect it and make every effort to preserve it to tell the story further.

Out of respect for the authors and their documentary work, we decided not to reproduce the images from the album, but just to tell you. Let this mystery float and discover for yourself the wonderful universe that those who signed this book managed to create.

And, why not, follow their activity on Facebook, on „Oltenia mea” page, where they reveal the secrets of one of the most beautiful cities in Romania: Craiova.
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(The album "Craiova of yesterday 1927-1947" can be delivered anywhere in Craiova and in the country by ordering at or by phone - 0723419561. It is available in the network of bookstores Cornul Abundenței in Craiova, at the bookstore "Elena Farago'' and at the kiosk in front of the County Library "Alexandru and Aristia Aman").


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