The Book and Romanian Exile Museum

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Dianu, Strada 24 Ianuarie 4, Craiova, România


The Dianu House, an impressive historical monument in Craiova, forms part of the heritage of “Alexandru and Aristia Aman” Dolj County Library since 2016 and will host the Book and Romanian Exile Museum. The heritage value of the building, as well as its invaluable historical potential will be restored and implicitly reintroduced into the cultural and touristic circuit through the attribution of a function commensurate with the renown of the establishment.

The old Dianu building will be rehabilitated and fitted with modern equipment and will host permanent and temporary exhibition halls for adults and children, concert halls, multimedia halls, as well as lecture and leisure spaces. The Museum will bring together the most valuable collections of books and documents which “Alexandru and Aristia Aman” Dolj County Library has obtained since 2013.

Accordingly, the “Exile” area will include the following collections: “Acad. Basarab Nicolescu”, “Mircea Eliade”, “Vintilă Horia”, “Andrei Șerban”, “Paul Barbăneagră”, “Leonid Mămăligă (L. M. Arcade)”, “Cicerone Poghirc”, “Victor Cupșa”, “Corneliu Șerban Popa”, “Andrei Codrescu”, “Bujor Nedelcovici”, “Mircea Milcovitch and Maria Mesterou”, “Constanța Buzdugan”, “Cezar Vasiliu”, as well as the archives of the “Neuilly Literary Circle” and the acts and documents of the “Hyperion” Association.

Furthermore, the “History and History of Books” segment will comprise the collections: “Acad. Dan Berindei”, “Acad. Dinu C. Giurescu”, “Ileana and Romulus Vulpescu”, “Șerban Viorel and Rodica Stănoiu” and “V. Veliman”.

The realisation of the project “The sustainable valorisation of the historical monument Casa Dianu, Craiova, Dolj, through the creation of a Book and Romanian Exile Museum and its introduction into the touristic circuit” is possible due to funding of approximately five million euro obtained within the frame of the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. The funding was obtained by Dolj County Council, as beneficiary.

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