#OnStage. What other shows and concerts can we see

The scenes from Craiova have slowly resumed their program, and they offer us interesting projects, shows and concerts. We propose you to reconnect to the cultural world of Craiova through a tour of the scenes of the National Theatre, the “Colibri” Theatre, the Oltenia Philharmonic and the Craiova Romanian Opera, online or offline.

We start with the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, which proposes to the spectators, starting with January 15, an ambitious and intelligent project, unique in the world, called HEKTOMERON, a theatrical marathon held for 100 days, with 100 stories from “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio. 100 directors from as many countries will contribute to this. In collaboration with MSNT actors, a unique human and cultural theme will be directed that highlights a resilient community spirit of the man forced to go through the world pandemic.

In addition to the 100 episodes, of 14 minutes each, actors, scenographers, playwriters and theatres from the participating countries will be presented, a reason to affirm the cultural identity of the countries starring in this daring project. The project will be completed with a 25-hour marathon show on April 26, 2021, and the entire development of HEKTOMERON can be watched on www.hektomeron.com.

In addition to HEKTOMERON, you can watch the shows in the repertoire, which you can find on the official website. 
Teatrul Național „Marin Sorescu”

January also sounds promising for the "Colibri" Theater in Craiova, which comes, at its end, with a premiere, "Zăna Tăiețeilor" („The Noodles Fairy”). It will be staged on Saturday and Sunday, January 30 and 31st, but until then you can watch, also on the stage of the "Colibri" Theater, the plays "The Frog Prince" (January 23) and "If I Were Little Red Riding Hood" (January 24). Stay up to date with the rest of the program on the Colibri facebook page.
Teatrul Colibri - Facebook

The Oltenia Philharmonic is no exception and has prepared for the public, for January, the traditional Friday concerts, both choral and symphonic. You will be able to listen to the works of Robert Schumann, as well as several compositions for choir, on two consecutive Fridays. Details about the concerts, but also about the program for the other months, can be found on the official website of the Philharmonic, but also on Facebook.
Filarmonica Oltenia - Facebook Filarmonica Oltenia

Last but not least, we turn our attention to the Romanian Opera Craiova, which performs both offline and online. The institution's YouTube channel is bidding and provides the admirers of the genre with recordings of several shows such as Carmina Burana by Karl Orff, Tosca by Puccini, The Flittermouse by Strauss or the Opera Gala.
Opera Română Craiova - YouTube

For future works, we recommend that you keep an eye on the Opera's Facebook page, but also on the official website.
Opera Română Craiova - Facebook Opera Română Craiova

Photos: facebook.com/operacraiova, facebook.com/filarmonicaolteniacraiova, facebook.com/TeatrulColibri, facebook.com/tncms.oficial, pxhere.com.

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