#PentruCinefili. Oscar films at cinemas in Craiova

Cinemas across the country have reopened, so moviegoers are more than happy that their favorite places are available again.

In Craiova, the Patria cinema, Inspire Mercur and Inspire VIP Electroputere cinemas have reopened their doors with fresh films, some even rewarded with Oscars, and you can enjoy again the comfortable and quiet experiences from the mentioned locations.

We also took a look at the list of movies and we have some recommendations for you. We saw them and we liked them, so we decided not to keep the suggestions just for us.

Another Round

Four friends, teachers at the same school in Copenhagen, set out to try a brave experiment: to improve their social and professional life by trying to apply the theories of a psychiatrist. Namely, to keep a constant blood alcohol level in order to become more creative and interesting for the people around them, but also for themselves. We can only let you discover by yourself what follows, because the four protagonists really enter a story worthy of telling and, especially, of being screened. This year, the Danish film won the Oscar for Best International Film and Best Director. You will instantly fall in love with the film, especially since one of the main characters is the actor Mads Mikkelsen, known from the Hannibal series, but also from the famous Carlsberg commercials.


How much do you want to do what you love? It is the question that the animated film asks us indirectly and to which, towards the end of the film, we find the answer. The story told is that of Joe Gardner (whose voice is given by singer and actor Jamie Foxx), who dreams of becoming a jazz singer. His dream is about to come true when he suffers an accident and enters an unknown space, practically a transition between existence and non-existence. Along with him comes a guide who must help him realize how beautiful life is, so that he can return, in turn, back to his own life to fulfill his dream. "Soul" received the gold statuette for best animated film, original soundtrack and best sound.


"Nomadland" is an impeccable drama about people who choose to give up life as we know it and go to live in caravans. It is the story of a life option that more and more people are starting to adopt, given the freedom of movement and independence offered. The film is about a woman over 60 who, after losing everything during the recession, leaves for western America and relies only on her truck, which becomes her home. Along with other nomads like her, she discovers other meanings and symbols of life. The film was awarded no less than six Oscars, the most important of which remains the one for the best film.

In addition to these productions, other and other films are waiting for you in the cinemas in Craiova, and you can consult the program on the Facebook pages of the locations. Enjoy!
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