#SmartCup. A smarter coffee for the people of Craiova

Especially now, when the school has moved more into the online, there is a need for offline places, where young people can reconnect and remember their learnings, but in a pleasant way. And not just now, but in general.

And if Einstein had a favourite cafe, it would definitely be called Smart Cup - Wiser Coffee. Opened at the end of last year in the centre of Craiova, Smart Cup is a beautiful combination between a research laboratory and a cafe where you get the daily drink that you need to work to a potential at least brilliant.
Smart Cup – Wiser Coffee

The Smart Cup team is always thinking of new challenges for guests, challenges that start from completing lyrics that are missing words to solving riddles or other scientific mysteries of our world. Those who solve them receive discounts on products or snacks from the house, more precisely from the "Teacher", so the challenges become even greater.

What is interesting is that this cafe-laboratory combines the ideas of education and fun, far from the rigors of the classrooms and the conformity of current education. This can only mean attracting young people to scientific fields in an attractive way, but also the Craiova residents and tourists in general, who can discover another kind of cafe at the Smart Cup.

We believe that the location chosen for the smarter cafe is not accidental at all. It is located in the place known by students and parents as the School Bookstore, across the street from the "Carol I" National College and the "Elena Cuza" National College, two of the most prestigious high schools in Craiova.

As Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge", we invite you to Smart Cup - Wiser Coffee, to make incredible mixes of coffee, tea and snacks, and instead receive a breath of fresh air from there, a smarter one and more challenging for our minds that can all be polished. We just have to want that!

Photos: facebook.com/smartcupwisercoffee

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