Amza Pellea, more alive than ever in the heart of Dolj! The memorial house in Băilești, emotional reopening

Amza Pellea, more alive than ever in the heart of Dolj! The memorial house in Băilești, emotional reopening

We all experienced a great joy, at the end of last week, when we were able to let ourselves be carried away by a special emotion: the reopening, on his birthday, of the "Amza Pellea" Memorial House, which was renovated and returned to the tourist circuit in the county, thanks to the financing of the Dolj County Council and the involvement of specialists from the Craiova Oltenia Museum.

By preserving the past, we can build the present, and this is something that we, in Dolj, know best. That's why we were happy like never before, on Sunday, in the city of Băilești, when we saw so many people gathered in one place for the one who was, is and always will be Amza Pellea; a symbol of the county and the country, whose heritage we have learned to value by investing in it.
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The "Amza Pellea" Memorial House is, therefore, reopened to the public, and can be visited freely, free of charge, until the end of June, because everyone who wants to know Amza must be able to do so.

Now a section of the Oltenia Craiova Museum, a prestigious institution when it comes to conservation, attention, information and respect for history and its significance, the "Amza Pellea" Memorial House will undoubtedly remain an attraction of our county, considering that inside it, the memories of one of the country's most charismatic and talented actors are kept alive. And we don't just say it because he's ours; a testimony to this is, in addition to the awards he has won, the love of so many people... 

Last weekend was gorgeous in Dolj; from Saturday evening, his daughter, Oana Pellea, dear friends of Amza, actors, musicians and special people gathered at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater, in the very hall that bears his name, to honor him. Somehow, in preparation for Sunday evening, the tribute event came to bring even more emotion, more intense and deeper then, after much waiting, when we saw Amza's face right at his home. Then, we all retreated to the Youth Park in Băilești, to see Nea Mărin billionaire, to laugh and enjoy the Oltenian spirit, so beautifully promoted everywhere by the universal, but our own, Amza Pellea.

Justice can be done in many ways in this world. And the inauguration of Amza Pellea's house, on his birthday, is a justice that many of us have been waiting for.

From April 7, there is more goodness in the world and there is more laughter on our planet. Thank you for being born here at home, Amza Pellea!

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