#stayathomeandlearn: 6 most beloved titles of Dolj’s children. Bonus: "Aman" Library scanned the readings for the Baccalaureate

The teaching doesn’t have to stop while staying at home, and this is known by parents, grandparents, but also by children. In fact, we all know it! That is why, with the help of our friends from the "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" County Library, we got the titles of the most popular children's books, perfect to read now, when everyone has the time. And we bet that not only the children have something to learn from them!

Harry Potter Series, Vol. I-VIII - J. K. Rowling

The impressive series of Harry Potter books continues to fascinate even more than twenty years after the release of the first volume. An exciting story about friendship, courage, loyalty, which captivates not only the little ones, but also the big ones. We have friends for all our lives and it’s not bad for us, from time to time, to think more deeply about some values that we may abandon. Of course, the movies are also a must see, but books help us imagine a universe of our own.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl

A story about imagination, modesty and education and a model for fairness. The character modeled by Dahl, Charlie, is less fortunate on certain levels, but on others life has endowed him with exactly what he needs. The humorous, hazy, but also educational reading will make even the most critical with themselves wonder. Smile, right now we realize how good it was before!

Treasure Hunters - James Patterson

If you are passionate about history, mysteries and clues, well, this is the book you shouldn't miss. It's about four children who grew up with their parents, treasure hunters, diving and discovering priceless things, aboard shipwrecks in the depths of the ocean. However, their parents disappear, and it is up to them to solve the puzzle that tells them what really happened.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Vol. I-XIV - Jeff Kinney

Any of the kids and teens can be Greg! The series of books imagined by Jeff Kinney speaks to the children of today about problems that everyone faces, inevitably, at that most critical threshold in life: the beginning of adolescence. The events in Greg's general school are extremely realistic and relate to both family and school life. Certainly, the 14 novels will be a delight for those who will feel less alone reading them.

A Miracle - R.J. Palacio

We will not tell you too much about the book, because we are convinced that an educational and emotional story must be tasted as it was written and thought out. We’re just telling you that it's all about the well known - unfortunately - bullying and its effects on a boy who didn't look like everyone else. It's a book that makes you think twice before saying something nasty; it is not known how and how much you will end up affecting a person with your words.

Dork Diaries, Vol. I-XII - Rachel Renée Russell

The books tell the story of Nikki, a 14-year-old kid who goes through age-specific experiences, from disagreements with parents or colleagues to the emotions of the first date. What is even more beautiful about the book is that it is written and looks exactly like a journal, with chaotic letters, drawings and everything that can be found in a teenage diary. No wonder, since August 2012, the series has spent 43 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list for the children's category.

The ones from the "Aman" Library not only left us with these fantastic recommendations, but told us to tell, especially the older adolescents, that their necessary readings for the Baccalaureate exam were scanned and uploaded online, on the official site. As part of this campaign, there will also be readings for the National Evaluation. And that's not all the specialists at the library have prepared.

See here what’s up:

Read together. Stay together. Stay at home!

Until next time, a beautiful journey into the world of stories! #stayathome, #staytogether, #readtogether!

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